We are exclusive representatives or distributors of various global suppliers:


With their headquarter offices located in Holland and more than 20 branches around 17 countries, they manufacture precipitated silica and carbon blacks, among other products.


Argentinean Company well known as a mineral processing pioneer, they manufacture grounded micronized fillers, with or without surface lining from different minerals such as: kaolins, talcs, pyrophyllites, barites, carbonates, and diatoms. Used in rubber, plastic, paints, putty, textile and foundry industries.


Is the greatest manufacturer of titanium dioxide on east Europe. Their products have an excellent performance in the rubber, paint, plastic and many other industries.


Founded in 1967, was the first company in Korea who developed and produced blowing agents for rubber and PVC. With two plants, located at Indonesia and Shihwa, this company became world number one in blowing manufacturing. Their exports go all over the word under their own brand called “Unicell”.


Is a German company with more than 100 years of history and experience, keen on functional fillers. These products have a unique structure as a result of a natural combination of corpuscular cryptocrystalline silica and laminated kaolinite. This structure is responsible for a relatively high specific surface area and oil absorption. Their products portfolio include untreated fillers (Sillitin, Sillikolloid), improved dispersion properties products by a downstream process (Puriss), Surface-teated (Aktisil), calcinated products based on Sillitin (Silfit), and activated Silfit produced through surface treatment with special silanes (Aktifit).
This company is committed to develop a long-term sustainable business by minimizing the environmental impact of their operations and by making an efficient use of natural resources and energy, taking also special attention to the human health.


Company founded in 1966 in Germany. They manufacture chemical products for the rubber and plastic industries, being a specialist in the production of plasticizers, process aids, antitacks and desiccants (KEZADOL), which are sold all over the world and well known in more than 40 countries. The permanent striving for innovation and their environmental protection involvement are some of this company´s highlights.


Founded in 1884, this Swiss company is the world´s leader manufacturer of high quality calcium carbonate, employed in many markets such as plastic, rubber, Ink & prints, packing, and polymer applications.


Founded in 1872, this company has already more than 200 production plants operating in more than 40 different countries, supplying advanced industrial minerals, mainly precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), for a variety of applications in rubber, plastic, adhesive, paints, etc.


Is a Vietnamese manufacturer of Natural Rubber established in year 2003, with their headquarters located in Ho Chi Minh City. With a production capacity of 1,500 ton/month, this company became in 2013 the world´s 2nd largest exporter of Natural Rubber in Vietnam.